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Driven by Passion to Make a Difference

Following a career in private equity and public service, I founded Nuli because of my passion to make a difference in Africa’s agriculture industry.  I was bothered by the  $40 billion the continent’s leaders were spending each year to import food products that could actually be grown right here on our soils.  Why were we importing fruit juice concentrate from Europe, when we were Africa’s largest producer of juicy pineapples and second largest of citrus fruits like oranges. And spending over $1 billion importing tomato-derivatives like paste and ketchup, when the data showed we were producing over 2 million tonnes of tomatoes annually, the largest in West Africa. We should be processing all this agriculture produce to value-added food items ourselves!

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Creating markets for young farmers

Ultimately, the strategy should be not only to increase produce yields for African farmers, but to create consistent, sustainable offtake for what they harvest. I became obsessed with creating commercially viable avenues for locally-grown agriculture produce.

My name is Ada Osakwe, and in 2015, I launched  The Nuli Juice Company, to do just this.

Nuli, for short, started off producing fresh, all-natural beverages using ONLY locally-grown fruits and vegetables, which we sourced from small scale farmers. This meant that we were directly contributing to creating sustainable demand for their fresh produce and because we were staying local, it also ensured we had a shorter supply chain allowing for greater inclusion, sustainability and nutritional value in our food system. My philosophy was simple, our success is a farmer’s success too. We were determined to turn poverty to wealth.

I chose Nuli, which comes from ‘Anwuli’, a Nigerian name that means ‘Happiness’, because of my desire to make people happy through good, healthy, tasty food.  More importantly, our fresh, natural, locally-grown products, helps the everyday person maintain a healthier lifestyle by conveniently providing better nutrition through, wholesome quality meals at affordable prices.

I’m so proud of the recipes I created, from the famous Naanini wraps, to the various juice blends in our popular coldpressed juices. More importantly, I’m so thankful for the team of young people who’ve come along with me on this journey at various points to build an incredible company that’s touching lives for good.