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We Believe Food Should Make You Happy

Nuli (pronounced "Noo-lee"), is coined from 'Anwuli', a name from the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria that means 'Happiness' or 'Joy'. We believe happiness comes from within, and so treating your body to healthy, nutritious, fresh agriculture produce sourced from young local farmers, made into delicious pressed juices and delightfully innovative tasty meals, should bring anyone joy.

...and Nutritious, Locally Grown Food Should Be Accessible To All

Nuli gives a healthier alternative to the processed foods, high in added-sugars, sodium and fats that are rampant in Africa's cities. We do this through purchasing local raw-materials from rural-based farmers, helping to create a steady off-take for their harvests and grow their wealth. It also helps us ensure we are environmentally conscious in our procurement, as opposed to imported produce that travels far, harming the environment in the process. Ultimately, our customers love us because our local supply chains ensure we offer high-quality meals at really affordable prices*.

*A November 2020 survey conducted of customers depicted that 84% of them rated Nuli's Value-for-Money 'Excellent' and 'Above Average'