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A Life-changing Opportunity for Young, Driven African Women to Create Lasting Wealth

“I know I’ve been lucky, as millions of  African female entrepreneurs haven’t had the opportunities that I have been blessed with. Through challenging times I could stand on the shoulders of giants.  Now, I must help others climb on my shoulders too.”

Ada Osakwe

Founder, Nuli


You are ambitious, and focused on achieving your dreams.
You are talented, and want to create wealth with your God-given gifts.
You are strong-willed, and refuse to take ‘No’ for an answer.
You are a Nuli Amazon.

The Nuli Amazons Program will give young African women, seeking a leg-up in life, the opportunity to own your their Nuli restaurants, joining in the success of a leading brand, and backed with all the financing, mentorship and training to make sure you become a strong force, capable of building a business that scales.

The program was created by Ada Osakwe, founder of Nuli, Nigeria’s most loved fresh juice brand and healthy-food restaurant chain that uses only fresh farm produce sourced from local farmers.  Ada knows that although she has worked hard and excelled in her career, she’s been lucky too, as millions of African female entrepreneurs haven’t had the opportunities that she has been blessed with.

The Nuli Amazons is Ada creating an opportunity of a promising world of business success for young African women.

Those who are chosen as Nuli Amazons do not need to worry about the money needed to start , as they will be given the funds to launch their Nuli store in any of Nuli’s select country’s in Africa. They will own this store jointly with Ada Osakwe, meaning they are a shareholder and share in the profits of the enterprise. They will also gain a strong support system through direct access to influential business leaders. Finally, they will receive world-class business training from top-ranked institutions.


– Woman aged between 22 and 35

– National of an African country

– Strong desire to be your own boss